calligraphy copperplateCreative Calligraphy is a bespoke service offering beautiful writing for all occasions. Our aim is to help clients make their special event stand out from the crowd, no matter how large or small, from family occasions like weddings and christenings to corporate events and charity functions.

We will work closely with you to reflect the theme and style of your event and complement the stationery you have chosen, with a variety of scripts, colours and sizes available to add that finishing touch to invitations, table plans, place cards and thank-you cards.

Calligraphy comes from the Greek kallos (beauty) and graphe (writing) and has been used through the ages to herald and record important events. So why not use it to make your special occasion all the more memorable? Simply get in touch with us to discuss your requirements.



Angela Reed – Calligrapher


I was introduced to calligraphy by my art teacher at secondary school.

Art and English were my favourite subjects, and calligraphy seemed to bring them both together, so I jumped at the chance to join the lunchtime calligraphy club.

calligrapher angela reedMy first commission was to write the guests’ names on some wedding invitations for one of my mam’s work colleagues.

I received a Take That poster as payment. I was one happy girl.

Fast forward a decade or so and I started getting my calligraphy pens out more often, as my friends started to get married and I found myself being asked to write out their invitations and table place cards.

This time I was paid in wine and chocolate. Again, I was one happy girl.

The idea of setting up a professional calligraphy service as a business popped into my head around this time, but life got in the way as I got married myself and started a family.

When I took voluntary redundancy after working for 13 years as a journalist, the idea crept back into my mind and Creative Calligraphy was launched in May 2014.

Since then I have rediscovered my creative side, added several more scripts to my repertoire and adapted my skills to meet the various requests I receive.

Away from work, I enjoy swimming, running, yoga and spending time with my family.

I still like wine and chocolate, although I’ve grown out of Take That!